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The Last Hurrah!!


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The Last Hurrah (!!) is the brainchild of Norwegian music connoisseur, producer and musician HP Gundersen. Modern Nostalgia’ is the fifth album by the group and a perfect title for its ongoing evolution, showcasing the musical roots and inspiration of its creator and his current chosen cohorts.

Rough Trade about ‘Modern Nostalgia’:

The Last Hurrah!! brings a unique blend of modern and nostalgic sounds in their album, Modern Nostalgia. Released by Tbc Records, this album takes listeners on a captivating musical journey filled with rich melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

Modern Nostalgia is a testament to The Last Hurrah!!'s ability to seamlessly fuse together different genres and create a sound that is truly their own. Drawing inspiration from various musical influences, the band effortlessly combines elements of folk, rock, and pop to craft a collection of songs that are both familiar and refreshing.

Each track on Modern Nostalgia showcases the band's exceptional musicianship and songwriting skills. From the infectious hooks of "Lost in Time" to the introspective balladry of "Memories Fade," every song on this album has its own distinct personality. The Last Hurrah!!'s ability to create catchy melodies and memorable choruses is evident throughout the entire record.

Lyrically, Modern Nostalgia delves into themes of love, loss, and self-discovery. The heartfelt lyrics resonate with listeners on a deep level, inviting them to reflect on their own experiences and emotions. Whether it's the bittersweet nostalgia of "Yesterday's Dream" or the hopeful optimism of "New Beginnings," each song tells a compelling story that will leave a lasting impression.

With its impeccable production quality and standout performances from each band member, Modern Nostalgia is an album that demands attention. It is an exploration of both past and present sounds, creating a sonic experience that is simultaneously timeless and contemporary.

If you're looking for an album that will transport you to another time while still keeping your feet firmly planted in the present, then Modern Nostalgia by The Last Hurrah!! is a must-have addition to your music collection.


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